About Us

Though the look is that of a New York loft gallery the feel is strictly Midwestern warmth and charm. We understand that choosing art and custom framing is a personal experience our consultants work closely with you to bring your vision to life. We want you to leave with more than just a picture in a pretty frame we create show pieces; heirlooms to be passed from one generation to another. Framing everything from christening dresses to hockey pucks, to Michael Jackson's hat. If you have a special memory, an expensive piece of memorabilia, or a beloved heirloom, putting together a complimentary frame and mat combination simply won't do.

Our shop specializes in the unique. We use a variety of techniques shadow boxes, plexi glass boxes of varying depth, elaborate frame layouts and other artistically unique designs to make your piece an original work of art without overshadowing the focal point. Our employees are knowledgeable and well trained with a complete focus on customer service. Helping each customer bring their ideas to life sorting through hundreds of frames and matting samples to find just the right combination.

The shop also sells prints, posters, orginals, hand made note cards created by local artists, coffee table art books, black memorabilia, cool t-shirts, Candle Aire and Candle Breeze candle warmers and craft items.


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